4 Initiatives to Take to Finish the Quarter Strong | 10G

4 Initiatives to Take to Finish the Quarter Strong | 10G

Written by Josie Keathley

November 23, 2020

4 Initiatives to Take to Finish the Quarter Strong | 10G

It seems impossible but the calendar reads November and we’re nearly through the craziness that has been 2020. Like most businesses I’m sure you started out the year with lofty goals. You listed growth, increase in sales, new clients galore, and perhaps a double in company revenue. And again, like most businesses, it’s entirely possible that you’re not quite on track to finish out the year with a checklist filled with completed tasks and crushed goals. 

So, is there time left to complete the goals you set at the beginning of the year? Absolutely. However, success in the fourth quarter and year overall won’t happen by accident. To find yourself amongst the host of companies that consistently meet their goals you have to be intentional about the consistent action you’re giving.  

So, here are our 4 doable steps to take in order to finish the third quarter strong. 

  1. Reassess your goals.  Yes, you’ve set your goals high and had every intention to complete them and even exceed them.  But as the third quarter closes in, how realistic are the goals you set? And an even better question: do the goals you set still reflect the priorities of your company at this stage in the game?  Often goals shift as the year progresses. I highly encourage you to continually reassess and reframe the goals you need to focus on most. Try your hardest to follow the daily and weekly model of listing your priorities with your team.  Not only will this help you stay focused on the end goals, but this will keep you accountable with the daily steps you need to take to find big picture success.

  2. Reach out to cold leads. I know, I know, it’s unpleasant to be the person taking up space in someone’s inbox for the tenth time, but this is imperative.  Just as you’re in the fourth quarter of the year feeling the full effect of crunch time, so are your prospects. Reaching out at different points in the year is a productive strategy as each quarter has its own unique goals.  It’s also incredibly valuable to re-engage prospects that have stopped responding. In doing so, you’re demonstrating intentionality and are now framing yourself as a person with genuine interest by not simply dropping off the moment they show disinterest. Having sufficient B2B prospecting tools can help you keep track of these leads. 

  3. Attempt to network with 10-15 people per week.  Take the strategy of combining online networking with visiting a virtual networking event.  Connecting with people on a weekly basis is a simple way to grow your network faster with like-minded professionals. Again, using robust B2B prospecting tools will help in this. Growing your network means growing your potential client base. Every person you meet and interact with is a chance to increase your business and grow your social pool.  Consider doing this on a continual basis, not just when you’re needing to complete key goals.

  4. Do different things or do things differently.  You’re in the unique place between failure and success in terms of your goals.  Taking the initiative to shake things up and remain positive at this time is crucial.  If you continue attacking the year the same way you have the first two quarters, chances are you won’t meet your goals.  Take this time to try executing your tasks more productively, create a more seamless organizational system, and truly bring yourself to a more superior level of performance.  Determine whether you need to do different things or simply do the things you’re already doing differently. The answer to this question can give you the direction you need to finish your quarter, and year, strong and hit those lofty goals you set from the start.


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