5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Talk

Written by Josie Keathley

August 21st, 2018

5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Talk

Whether you call it your spiel, elevator pitch, or script, your short, punchy sales presentation is one of the most important components of your sales role. It gets your foot in the door and gets people listening.

Yet a salesperson who starts off well doesn’t always finish well. Once they’ve reached the end of their script, their effectiveness takes a nosedive. They ramble and spill out about everything they know. Or they use jargon that confuses the customer. Or they assault the customer with meaningless, rapid-fire questions. Without realizing it, they lose a customer when they’ve just gotten their foot in the door.

To help you expand your pitch into meaningful interactions, we’ve outlined 5 ways to improve your sales talk.

Start With the Relationship

People already know you’re a salesperson who’s trying to sell them a good or a service. So assume they know the reasons why you’re communicating with them. To start off, build rapport with them from the very beginning. Try to be as genuinely likable as you can while building a relationship.

Ask Questions

Even though you’re the expert, being interested in the customer goes a long way. Take some time to learn about them by asking questions. And not necessarily questions that pertain to your product or service. Ask about their business. Ask about other vendors they’ve worked with. Put them at the center of the conversation.

Talk About One Thing

As the salesperson, hopefully you’re the expert on your product. At the same time, there’s no need to tell customers everything you know. So when it is your turn to talk, instead of giving people an avalanche of information, choose one aspect or feature that sets your company or product apart from your competitors. Or choose something you’re extremely proud of. The goal is to be laser-focused, not rambling from topic to topic.

Drop the Jargon

As stated above, you’re the expert. Yet your customers don’t care nearly as much as you do about jargon, lingo, and vernacular. Speak to them in plain language, not acronyms or ‘business speak’. By dropping the jargon and speaking plainly and simply, you’ll be more relatable and less likely to see a far away, glazed-over look in your customers’ eyes.

End Your Pitch with a Question

By this point, you’ve already asked meaningful questions about the customer and their business. At the end of the pitch, use questions such as How many architects are on your staff? This is especially helpful for bringing their attention back to the conversation. When you make them an active participant, they have to reply. Also, stay away from questions like What do you think? and Are you interested?

Improve Your Sales Talk and Close More Deals!

Every salesperson needs a good, concise sale pitch. However, even if your first 30 seconds are spectacular, you don’t want things go downhill quickly because you’ve lost your customer. By putting these suggestions into practice, you can definitely improve your sales talk and close more deals.

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