Write a LinkedIn Professional Headline like the Pro That You Are!

Written by Josie Keathley

September 30th, 2018

Write a LinkedIn Professional Headline like the Pro That You Are!

You are a professional. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a great LinkedIn professional headline. Below, are tips to help you stand out on LinkedIn by customizing your professional headline.

3 General Suggestions: How To Write A Professional Headline

Let’s start with headlines in general. Writing a good headline is an art. It needs to be brief, but also eye-catching. It should provide sufficient information without being wordy. In general, you can learn a lot about good headlines from news writers. Three general suggestions for writing headlines are:

  • Be Accurate — Don’t oversell the subject (yourself) or misrepresent the subject (yourself). Tell the truth and stay accurate.

  • Be Brief and Concise — With limited space to work with, news writers must be brief. In the same way, your LinkedIn professional headline, with its 120-character limit, must be concise while also communicating crucial details about you.

  • Be Direct — Headlines are straightforward and get to the point. So should your professional headline.

How to Write a Professional Headline for Linkedin

On LinkedIn, your professional headline appears at the top of your profile, directly below your name. Unless you customize your headline, LinkedIn populates it for you by default. Since this is the first thing people see (besides your photo and name), it has to be killer. To be clear, default headlines are usually the opposite of killer. When browsing through LinkedIn, you come across generalized default headlines like:

  • Pharmaceutical Development Professional

  • Owner at Smith Facility Services, LLC

  • Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology

  • Real Estate Broker / Property Management

The problem with these headlines is that they don’t communicate anything about the individuals themselves. Now compare those default headlines to these specific, attention-grabbing headlines from real people:

  • Passionate about leading others to their highest

  • Servicing the multifamily industry with XYZ, Inc.

  • Non-Profit Leader

  • Copywriting and Editing for Creative Brands

  • Building the American bamboo economy

Notice how these customized headlines stand out when compared to default and generalized headlines. So how do you craft a great professional headline? One LinkedIn user offers suggestions for writing an eye-catching headline:

  • Choose 3 or 4 keywords that represent what you do and 3 or 4 keywords that others use when searching for your services.

  • Ask yourself what sets you apart from people holding the same position and title. Those are the things that make you stand out.

  • Think about who you want to read this. Identify the things a hiring manager might care about when looking for a suitable candidate.

  • Be specific.

Write Your Professional LinkedIn Headline

LinkedIn profiles are filled with headlines like “Realtor at XYZ, Inc.” or “Manager at Sal’s Italian Restaurant.” But should you be content with something like that? No! At least not if you want attention. If someone wants to know what you do and your current job, they scroll down.

The headline should introduce you — your skills, your abilities, even your passions. If you want to catch attention on LinkedIn, don’t settle for the default headline. Make yourself and your skills stand out by crafting a personalized, professional headline that grabs people’s attention.

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