Step by Step Guide to Crafting B2B Email Subjects | 10G

Step by Step Guide to Crafting B2B Email Subjects | 10G

Written by Becca Windsor

December 2, 2020

Step by Step Guide to Crafting B2B Email Subjects | 10G

This post is piggy backing off our latest post centered around crafting email subject lines for campaigns and guiding you into B2B email examples. Trying to reach your leads is becoming harder and harder with a greater influx of emails being sent to them daily. The average office worker gets over 120 emails a day. With 59 percent of them receiving sales emails that are irrelevant, and frankly a waste of their time. Of course we understand that everyone is selling something - just like you! But how do you get what you’re selling in front of them and not get hidden amongst the chaos of your leads inbox? Let’s go over it, shall we.

First things first, you need a subject line that catches your leads attention. Go and check out our previous blog that goes over the best practices for email subject lines for B2B sales. 

Keep it short - Your prospects are busy, they are receiving many pitches and offers at a high rate. Keep your emails under 100 words, the less the better! You can get all of your information across and be respectful of the recipients time simultaneously.

Keep your email clean and to the point - Giving too much information to your lead will leave them confused, this known as “The paradox of choice” and sometimes even lead your email to their spam. Giving leads one main point of focus and information to back up that main point will guide your lead to only one call to action, contacting you!

PROOF READ - Seems straightforward, doesn’t it? Making sure to fact check your information on your leads will save you the embarrassment of the “I think you have the wrong person” responses. Be sure to steer clear of common spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.

Personalize - This is the most important tip in writing successful B2B email campaigns. Leads want to feel important and not just a part of some pool of thousands of people getting the same email. The easiest way to do this? Add your prospects name. I know, sounds too easy right, but this will automatically make it appear as though you sought them out directly.

Here are a few examples of successful B2B email example templates:

I hope these little tidbits help guide you in creating exciting and fruitful B2B email campaigns. Happy emailing!