The Challenges in B2B Sales in 2022 | 10G

The Challenges in B2B Sales in 2022 | 10G

Written by Becca Windsor

June 2, 2022

The Challenges in B2B Sales in 2022 | 10G

First we had the pandemic, now we have war and recession. It's enough to get the stress levels rising but threats always can be turned into opportunities. These last years has been one for the history books, it has flown by and crawled at a snail's pace simultaneously. A global pandemic striking social, economic, and industrial structures causing chaos and uncertainty across the globe followed by war in Ukraine and economic indicators of an impending recession.  What does this mean for us in the B2B sales realm? Many companies are fearful for the future . What were the main challenges that affect B2B sales the hardest, and how can we look to overcome them?

Finding leads that are high quality - Sure you can generate hundreds of leads for a new campaign or to pitch your new great idea too, but it doesn't always mean they're going to be a good fit. Quality over quantity. Here are some ways to avoid wasting leads time and your time as well.

  1. Market your product - Social media should be your best friend! Get yourself out there in front of prospective customers you may not have originally thought of. 

  2. Campaigns - Craft multistep email campaigns personalized for you. Reach out to prospects with information about what you're selling to catch their attention and leave them with a call to action. If they think it's a good fit for their company then the hard part is over.

  3. Use your LinkedIn - this is the perfect platform to have short and sweet conversation with prospects.  You’re free to have more personal conversations that won’t feel like a sales pitch, all while getting them talking about their needs and wants.

But no one is responding - or the typical response, if any is, “we don't have the budget”. If someone isn't responding, that really shouldn’t be the end.

  1. Make what you're sending interesting - personalize your emails. We have blogs on our site covering this topic in more depth.  The heart of the message is, bring attention to your emails easily with things that spark your prospects interest.  Always take a step back and look at your work from the lens of the consumer and try to imagine what would feel compelling to you. 

How to handle the no’s - sometimes you'll get ignored, sometimes you'll get straight up rejected, and sometimes you’ll receive some sort of in between. Whatever the response, you have to know how to bounce back.

  1. Listen and understand your prospects concerns - when I say listen, I mean really intently listen to what they have to say. Make sure they know you're listening as well, everyone wants to be heard. This is your chance to hear the problem and hopefully find the solution! We like to use the term ‘Mirroring’ in our meetings, here is an article on the art of Mirroring and its benefits

  1. Responses to objections - understanding that what your selling may not be a fit or solution to your prospects troubles. Knowing when to walk away is key, but knowing what to say when your product can be a solution is even more important. Make a list of common objections you get and practice answering them. This will help you in the future.

In the meantime, I hope these tips can help you to face some of the common issues you might have been facing, and help get you set up for the 2022 and beyond. If you would like to learn more, view our training sessions we offer or get in touch to get a free demo of 10G's product.

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