The Top 15 Best Apps For Sales You Need On Your Phone!

The Top 15 Best Apps For Sales You Need On Your Phone!

Written by Josie Keathley

October 28, 2020

The Top 15 Best Apps For Sales You Need On Your Phone!

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, you need solutions to keep up with your people and tasks while you are in motion. Below are 15 of the best apps for sales every salesperson should have. Not all of these apps are sales-centric. However, all of them are designed to make you more productive on the go.

Best Sales Management Apps

1. Profit Story

This $1.99 iOS app lets you calculate the profit margin of a proposed deal. It also calculates other profit-based metrics.

2. DocuSign

This companion to the DocuSign platform ensures that prospects can sign documents anytime and anyplace. Free for iOS & Android.

3. HubSpot Mobile App

If you use HubSpot’s marketing and sales platform, the companion app keeps you connected to your team and keeps your database in your pocket. It also tracks performance metrics and pipeline insights. Free for iOS, Android, & Chrome.

Top Note-taking and Information Apps

4. Evernote

Take notes at a meeting and tag them by location. Evernote Basic – Free; Evernote Premium – $7.99/month; Evernote Business – $14.99/month/user. iOS & Android.

5. Dragon

When you’re on the go and can’t write down notes, this app automatically translates voice memos into text. It does the same for texts and emails. Free trial – $15/month or $150/year (enterprise pricing also available). iOS & Android.

6. Pocket

If you find an interesting article, but you’re on the go and don’t have time to read it, put it in this app and read it later. Free version or Pocket Premium ($44.99/year). iOS & Android.

Best Logistics Apps

7. Time Buddy

Schedule meetings in any timezone and the app automatically updates the timezones for every participant. The app also overlays with Google calendar making it even easier to schedule and track meetings. Free for iOS & Android.

8. Expensify

Scan receipts, take care of reimbursements, and track all your expenses on the go. Individual version – Free; Team – $5/month per active user; Corporate – $9/month per active user. iOS & Android.

Top Messaging and Networking Apps

9. WhatsApp Messenger

This free app uses the internet on your phone to send messages and make calls worldwide. It is especially helpful in countries where Google and Facebook are strictly monitored or even banned. Free for iOS, Android, & Microsoft.

10. Slack

A great app for connecting with both colleagues and clients. It is also handy for tracking projects and keeping everyone on the same page. Workspace – Free; Standard – $6.67/month per user; Plus – $12.50/month per user. iOS & Android.

11. LinkedIn

Learn about people before you meet them or speak to them with this free app for iOS & Android

12. Twitter

Free for iOS & Android, this app keeps you on top of news, lets you follow trends, lets you live tweet, and also tracks your organization’s followers.

Best Transportation and Parking Apps

13. & 14. Rideshare Apps

Need a ride? Free apps from Uber and Lyft let you summon a driver who picks you up right where you are. No need to pay cash or even use your card. Payment processes automatically via the app and your card. Free for iOS, Android, and Microsoft.

15. SpotHero

Driving to a meeting? Be on time, every time with this parking-spot-finding app. Search for a parking spot and book it before you arrive. Free for iOS & Android.

Top Sales Apps

Boost your productivity on the go with these 15 best apps for sales and your team. Although not all of them are sales-centric, each one can help you make the most use of your time and improve your work life.