The Unboxing Craze

Written by Patrick Rhatigan

April 5th, 2019

The Unboxing Craze

How to utilize the phenomenon to benefit your business

The initial excitement that comes from receiving something you’ve ordered online and opening it for the first time is exactly the feeling that unboxing videos have latched onto.  So why are the videos so popular, and how can a business capitalize upon that popularity?

What makes unboxing videos so popular?

1. If a consumer is ordering an item online, they likely can’t get their hands on it prior to purchasing.  Thus watching an unboxing video gives the viewer an idea of what that item is truly like in real life. Witnessing a positive unboxing experience could increase the likelihood that the item will be purchased.

2. Unboxing videos are seen as honest depictions of the item.  The nature of the video not being sponsored gives the audience an objective view of the truth of what they’re considering purchasing.

3. Unboxing videos, when done correctly, become an enthusiastic experience.  If the individual recording the unboxing is excited and happy with the product, that is translated to their audience.  Thus, improving the chances again that said product will be purchased.

The popularity of unboxing videos stem from viewers vicariously experiencing the moment that the box is opened and feeling the same intrigue, excitement, and joy.  Consumers want an inside look at what they’re purchasing. Having reassurance prior to purchasing an item solidifies the psychological need for the safe choice. Thus, hearing the pros and cons of another person’s purchase, helps the consumer make better choices for themselves.

It’s also been found that the ritual of removing a new item from its box also builds lust among the targeted audience.  You’re building the desire and need for the item with every glossy item that is released from its bubble wrap and cardboard encasing.   

How can you capitalize upon the unboxing craze?

Create Your Own Videos

As a company, you can create your own videos.  Brands like Toys “R” Us, Target, and Samsung have made their own versions of unboxing videos.  Showcasing your new product in its true form and giving real-time feedback of various features the product holds, again increases the likelihood that a purchase will occur.

Source Influencers to Create Videos

Unboxing videos tend to be more successful when they’re viewed as objective and removed from the actual company.  Paying for your product to be reviewed by an influencer can grant you the image of objectivity as well as the benefit of a paid advertisement.  

Fab Fit Fun markets their product almost entirely via unboxing reviews.  They’ve networked with a team of influencers, ex-reality television stars, and other content creators to have detailed reviews of the items that come in their seasonal boxes to create allure behind their product.  With over 200 million dollars in sales for 2018, it stands that their marketing technique definitely works.

Selecting your influencers

When you advertise with influencers, you’re capitalizing upon their already loyal and trusted base of followers.  Thus, those followers typically trust the content that’s being shared. If your selected influencer has a base of 16-20 aged females, and your product is a men’s grooming box, you’re likely selecting someone that won’t grant you much profitability.  Choose influencers that have a base that would not only be interested but inclined to buy your product.

The above showcases an influencer who does monthly unboxing videos for a Stitch Fix, a monthly style subscription service. In most of these instances, influencers are given a code which they accrue commission.

Customer-created content

Several brands have run with the concept of encouraging their consumers to generate their own video reviews and product unboxings.  These videos typically only show the hands and feature the consumer discussing their likes and dislikes in real time.

This also thrives through granting an individual coupon code for that customer to share with their friends or an incentive in sharing their experience.

The Takeaway

A positive unboxing can increase engagement and boost customers view on your product, ultimately leading to an increase in sales.  The key to unboxing videos is truly that customers who are taking the time to watch an unboxing video are either on the fence or just one click away from purchasing your product.  Capitalize upon the interest, and take control of the perception behind your product.

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