Odesso Case Study

Odesso Case Study

Written by Kevin Breslin

June 21, 2022

Odesso Case Study

The Enterprise No Code Solution

Odesso is a leader in Enterprise no code software development and implementation. Offering a full suite of products they are experts in the field of digital automation solutions powered by machine learning, natural language procession and robotic process automation. Odesso's robust enterprise no-code platform enables these experts to rapidly address, create, and deploy apps and automation solutions to address the business's immediate needs without the need for IT and developers or causing additional data silos

20-50 Employees 

Phoenix, Arizona

  20 Million 


The Challenge

How to get noticed, how to generate interest, and how to get in the room.


Odesso found it very difficult to approach new accounts cold with their offering. Selling something that has the potential to do everything is much harder than selling something that solves a specific, known problem. Couple that with being an enterprise solution, where senior decision makers are under constant attack from competing salespeople, and you have yourself a considerable challenge


First Six Months Results

  • 37 Qualified Meetings Booked

  • 438 % Surge In Website Traffic

  • $5.7 Million Added To Pipeline

  • 312% Growth Of New Business


"Within six months Odesso was able to have meaningful meetings with some of the biggest names in their respective industries."


Odesso Clients


Zee Rizvi, CEO Odesso Testimonial

“This was a new strategy and investment for our company. Throughout our partnership 10G has taken the time to intimately know our products and team. They respond in minutes, not days, to changes. They've flown in to visit us in person and spend time crafting our future campaigns. We have seen increases both in the quantity but most importantly, the quality, of new business opportunities. 10G truly feels like a part of our team rather than just another vendor.”


2021 Average Client ROIs


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