Why Your Sales Prospect Research Needs To Be Done By An Expert

Why Your Sales Prospect Research Needs To Be Done By An Expert

Written by Kevin Breslin

June 14, 2022

Why Your Sales Prospect Research Needs To Be Done By An Expert

A doctor wouldn't delegate their prognosis to a junior member of the team and, if they did, how comfortable would you be on the receiving end of that diagnosis? Yet, in sales, a key component is continuously being delegated to more junior staff members or undertaken by those unqualified to do it.

We trust doctors because of their years of study and experience and it’s the same for many other professions. Yet, let’s call it as it is, most people don’t respect the sales industry in the same way.

Right from the beginning, companies are getting their sales strategy wrong because they don’t have the right skills, technology and, most importantly, the experience to prospect correctly , so are falling at the first obstacle.

Sales prospect research is an essential part of any successful sales process. It helps you identify new prospects, understand their needs, and determine whether they're a good fit for your product or service. But how do you find these prospects in the first place? And how do you ensure that you're getting the best results?

You Need To Know Who's Buying From You And Whose Advice They Trust

If you're looking to grow your business, then you need to start by understanding who's buying from you. This means knowing what products and services your customers are interested in, as well as where they come from. However, prospecting is much more nuanced than identifying ideal companies to sell to and trying to reach the CXOs in that company.

Establishing the hierarchy of said company can assist you in identifying the right approach. The CEO may be the overall decision maker, but they are not always the direct route to success, nor is the CMO or COO. However, they may take opinions from members further down the chain who do need your solution and will champion your offerings if nurtured in the correct manner.

Why Choose an Expert To Do Your Sales Prospect Research & Outreach

By Managing Upper Funnel Activity, 10G Gives Sales Teams 80% More Time Each Day To Focus On Nurturing & Closing Deals..001

The first reason is time. 80% of a sales team's day can be taken up with non upper funnel activities such as prospecting, cold calling, appointment setting and overall managing of the entire sales process.

The reason this job is often handed down to a more junior team member is due to the sheer amount of time it takes and the fact that sales people want to get on with closing sales and getting their commissions up. Let them concentrate on the strict revenue generation and closing deals and find the experts who specialize in these overlooked essential components that source, nurture and book qualified prospects for your team to close into regular customers.

How To Choose The Right Platform At The Right Time And Manage The Process


The digitalization of the world has added complexities to the sales process that cannot be easily overcome manually. Face to face meetings and opportunities are way down. It’s getting harder to target via email, cold calling or reaching out via social media and messaging apps.

There are so many new touch points with prospects and it’s hard to know which to invest time and resources into and how to oversee the whole process.

Sales teams are being crippled with CRM overload, trying to oversee the process the old fashioned way, or spreadsheets. How can management see where the pipeline is really going and the status of deals throughout the process?

Overall, it’s getting so much harder. That’s why 10G invested heavily in tech these last few years and found solutions to all the common day to day issues that have sales teams drowning across the world.

How Tech Stack Is Unbalancing Today’s Sales World


Tech Stack Unbalancing Today’s Sales World

The revolution in tech is making the smaller teams fall further behind and this is another reason you need to look to find specialists in this field. Tech is now available that can not only find the very best prospects in minutes but can also tell you which companies are looking actively right now for solutions that your company could be providing to them. Without the tech stack, you are already behind the race with your competitors and, by the time you have identified them correctly, it could be far too late.

Obtaining this tech stack for your own company can run into six and seven figures which is a large outlay on one component of the business. Knowing what that combination of tech stack is and knowing how much you need to budget is one thing, but having the talent and expertise to know how to maximize them is another matter altogether.

How Sales Outreach Can Be Done At Scale With Tech

Strategy & sales people alone won’t be enough to drive success. A strong sales team needs that state-of-the-art technology stack at their disposal to maximize their performance potential.

From A+ “list-building” data platforms, to custom AI based sales enablement tools, 10G has you covered. You don’t need to provide us with anything. 10G will manage every single element of your sales funnel right up to the very end, where we deliver you the highest qualified prospects for you to deliver the final pitch to.

Why 10G Is Your Best Option For A Full Sales Strategy & Outsourced Sales Team

This is just one reason why a company like 10G has been leveling the playing field for small to medium businesses. The technology, coupled with the strategy and expertise of the team, gives its clients an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Most companies take years to find their optimal sales process, 10G will get you there in 6 months with an average return of investment of 420% within 12 months.

To learn more about prospect research and prospecting, book a free consultation with our veteran sales team today.


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